1. What is Fifty Plus

Fifty Plus is a Geriatric Super Store based at Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India. We are a retail store , both ON LINE and PHYSICAL , dealing in Geriatric Gadgets and Wellness Equipments. As the name suggests , we are synonym with products required by Senior Citizens ( Both Men and Women ) who are above the age of 50 Years.


In today’s fast moving world, Senior Citizens need personal care and individual attention. FIFTY PLUS aims to fulfill that criteria. As our tagline says, ‘ It’s all about Senior Care’ , we intend to provide needy customers with Geriatric Equipments which are required by them for a easy, safe and stress free life.

5. What type of products do you sell online?

We offer all kinds of Mobility Aids like Wheel Chairs, Walking Crutches, Walking Sticks, Walkers, Rollators, Bathroom Aids such as Anti Skid Floor Mats, Toilet Raisers, Commode Chairs, Toilet Rails and Grip Rods & Bars apart from a host of various other gadgets and equipments for Blood Pressure Monitoring, Blood Glucose Monitoring , Nebuliizers etc… We also have extensive range of Adult Diapers of all reputed manufacturers coupled with items like Air Beds, Water Beds, Hospital Cots etc.. We also deal with a variety of Aids for daily living including Orthopedic Supports, Back Rests and other creative Wellness items that could be used by Senior Citizens for hassle free living.

2. What is Geriatrics Healthcare?

Geriatrics is a speciality which focus on health care of elderly people. We at FIFTY PLUS aim to promote health and wellbeing of this segment by providing Gadgets and Equipments to lead a healthy and happy life despite physical disabilities.

4. Why Coimbatore?

As per the published statistics the size of the healthcare industry was around Rs. 1,500 Crores during the year 2010. Since then the healthcare industry has witnessed amazing and robust growth with around 750 Hospitals and Coimbatore is rated as the Second largest City in Tamilnadu . People from nearby districts and States visit Coimbatore for medical tourism due to the availability of abundant and quality hospitals and renowned healthcare facilities . To top it all , Coimbatore has been recognized continuously during the past one decade to be the most preferred destination for settling down post retirement and consequently corresponding infrastructure such as Retirement Homes and Senior Citizens Homes etc.. have witnessed tremendous growth. The city enjoys salubrious climate throughout the year due to surrounding Western Ghats , exceptional connectivity to other places, courteous culture, envying lifestyle and access to world’s second sweetest Siruvani water supply. All the above makes Coimbatore a true heaven for the Senior Citizens Communities.

6. Who is Fifty Plus?

FIFTY PLUS, is a startup venture by a family of entrepreneurs, having keen interests in the Welfare of Senior and Aged Residents. Based on the above background , the present organization has been established by the Promoter with a firm conviction to offer quality Geriatric & Wellness products required by the Senior Citizens at affordable and Margin Less Prices.