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Beurer- GS11 Weighing Scale

Key Highlights:

  • Large platform of safety glass
  • Easy to read, 25mm digit size
  • 150kg capacity
  • 100g graduation
  • Quick start technology
  • Automatic switch off



Weighing scale has a durable transparent standing surface that is made of high-quality safety glass. It has an elegant design and features smart digital functions. It is extremely easy to use and displays accurate digital measurements.

Easy To Measure

The device is loaded with various automatic features. It starts automatically when you stand on it. It displays accurate numbers on an easy to read digital screen. The scale also has a clever overload indicator and automatic switch-off function.

Designed With Detail

This is a high-quality product that is designed with absolute attention to detail. It has a 30 x 30 cm elegant safety glass surface. The scale suits your bathroom interior with its see-through and sleek design. It has a minimalistic look that is extremely appealing.

Precise Measurements

The bathroom scale has a standard 25 mm digital display unit size. It can convert the measured values to kg, lbs and st. It has easy and smart functions with no errors. The device is engineered with an accurate reading mechanism that is tried and tested.